Dazzling Experiences

All young people need work related learning as an essential part of full preparation for adult life in which they will contribute to the nation’s economic well-being and prosperity.

Dazzling Experiences areinspirational events which days provide the opportunity for schools to raise students’ awareness to real life scenarios, practices through stimulating business activities. With ESS-TEAM students will have the opportunity to work with employers on a wide range of work related tasks that simulate actual business activity whilst addressing life’s key skill areas.

We offer specifically occupationally related days where students interested in working in distinct career areas would experience, learn and practice the skills which they will need in the workplace. These days are mostly aimed at young people aged between 14 and 19, who have expressed a specific interest in a particular career. We anticipate vocational days highlighting careers in Engineering, Health, Finance, Tourism, Construction and Technology and many, many others.

These days would provide students with a challenging experience that includes problem solving, creativity, cooperation, communication and team work as well as the experience of working alongside a professional advisor in their specific field.

ESS-TEAM can also offer Enterprise activities which can help the student understand how business and the economy works. It is the opportunity for the students to take part in creative and challenging tasks which will help develop skills for employment.