Viv Russell

Vivien M Russell

Self employed director of ESS-TEAM Community Interest Company.Viv Russell

Summary of experience.

The wide range of Viv’s expertise covers management in education, youth work, project management, , training, teaching, networking, heads of department experience, year head roles, local authority expertise and a vast array of experience with effective engagement of programmes for young people, employers and youth services.

Viv Russell. Recently awarded Walsall’s 2011 inspiring teacher.

  • Teacher in a Walsall school for 14 years, head of vocational studies, work experience co-ordinator, second in Careers, Head of vocational subjects and tutor.
  • TVEI School Industry Liaison officer for Walsall Education Authority from 1990 to 1996.
  • Self financing and fund managing for the authority 1996 to 2007
  • 14-19 Vocational education consultant from 2000 to 2007.
  • Self employed, freelance consultant since March 2007.

Success across Walsall continues through the design and development of a vast array of creative programmes and projects bringing together experience of and extensive links with the voluntary sector, training providers, colleges, employers, the uniformed services, youth workers and Youth Offending Teams. Designing and delivering specific programmes for looked after children, vulnerable young people, homeless, those in danger of becoming NEET and those who are, those who feel disaffected, disabled students and those with Special Education Needs.

Extensive and fruitful links with a vast array of Businesses across the region has enabled the delivery of vocational taster programmes, work placements, materials writing, curriculum related activities and programmes designed for raising standards. This includes the development and delivery of aspiration raising programmes, materials production, games development, organisation of inspiring curriculum based visits and delivery of motivating programmes for young people.

Each ofWalsall’s secondary schools have enthusiastically engaged with the varied and exciting range of events and programmes which have been designed and delivered.

Over 450 employers have been regularly recruited each year and given their time to engage with the various activities. Yearly more than 3,000 young people have participated every year.

A successful tendering process in 2009 led to delivery of two projects over two years to address NEET issues acrossWalsall1,600 young people were engaged in the two programmes producing exceptional outcomes.

Creative and unique programmes designed to raise aspirations through the Aim Higher initiative have been unique and inspiring from demonstrating pathways that young people can take into Higher Education through vocational routes to organising specific projects for Looked After Children. Each year over £30,000 of Aim Higher funds were secured by ESS-TEAM to drive and deliver these motivational activities.

A present application for a police project to address Anti Social Behaviour across a local ward is underway, investigating the extent of the issues and engaging with communities, the young people and youth services in the area.