Linda Robson

Linda M Robson

A Teacher for 37 years and for the last 17 as the school’s Work Related Learning Curriculum manager, overseeing theLinda Robson delivery of the Careers Education and Guidance syllabus together with the Work Experience programme.

In addition activated all aspects of work related learning within every faculty, especially Enterprise and Community network activities, school industry liaison with both businesses and local voluntary organisations.

Responsible and effective in the establishment of links with other outside agencies to enhance the values of community education within the locality, using a university qualification in advanced youth work, one initiative being the launch an organisation for girls and their mothers to aid with their integration into the area and way of life.

As Head of Faculty, charged with the responsibility to control the budget for several different departments and oversee their financial wellbeing.

Through teaching specialism, wide-ranging and profitable contacts have been made with businesses within the area and this has facilitated nationally recognised examples of good practice of working with businesses and the wide ranging community involving curriculum activities, training opportunities for business and support for vulnerable groups.

Through a successful bid to LSN was enormously successful in engaging the curriculum with the work place through work placements and using this as creative stimulation to improve standards.