What ESS-TEAM does is makes people feel positive about themselves through making learning meaningful. The ESS-TEAM motivates and inspires both teachers and young people to achieve.

We are innovative, creative, flexible and unique.

We support and enthuse teachers to develop exciting ideas through demonstrating the vast possibilities of curriculum enrichment.

As ESS – TEAM we lead and co-ordinate a further network of over 50 inspiring and flexible team members each with decades of experience in fields such as coaching, mentoring, team building and motivation.

This provides us with additional access to a dedicated compact, far reaching, responsive and effective team of self employed, niche, creative, passionate, flexible, individuals with countless skills to support and drive any project forward.

ESS – TEAM brings a wealth of knowledge covering decades of activity and an extensive, growing, network of links and contacts who can be recruited to ensure the success of any proposed programmes.

The network includes retired teachers, education authority consultants [ regional and national ] trainers, careers advisers, life coaches, mentors and professionals in sport and performance.

Our network is united by a passion to encourage, enthuse and support schools and young people towards achieving their maximum potential and ultimate success.

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Viv Russell Linda Robson