Mock Interviews

A mock interview gives a student the opportunity to participate in a practice interview with a business professional, which will not only help the student polish their performance, but it will also allow them to get valuable feedback and coaching on their work.

We aim to make the practice interview as similar to the “real thing” as possible and working with a professional and getting advice on their performance in a mock interview will help the students learn how to improve their presentation and answers.  Both will enable them to learn where their strengths lie and what they may need work on to improve their performance.

ESS-TEAM will supply application forms and arrange a mock interviews with a business person in the chosen occupational area of the student, either at the business premises or in school – which ever best suits the needs of the school.

The students will have a 30-minute session in an interview with a professional. Students will receive both verbal feedback on their performance during the session and written feedback is given to the school to use fittingly.

This exercise will give the students greater self-confidence, ready for any job/training interview – and help reduce stress, jitters and sweaty palms.