About Us

ESS-TEAM is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with the specific purpose of supporting the needs of learners aged 11 – 19. Our aim is to raise aspirations and increase employability prospects in the targeted groups by designing, developing and delivering motivational and vocationally related projects, events and activities for the young people.

ESS – TEAM offer you a dedicated compact, far reaching, responsive and effective team of self employed, niche, creative, passionate, flexible, individuals with countless skills to support and drive any project forward.

ESS -TEAM’s range of experiences cover management in education, youth work, heads of department experience, year head roles, project management, mentoring, life coaching, training, teaching, networking, local authority expertise and a vast array of experience of engagement with young people employers and youth services.

Our network is united by a passion to encourage, enthuse and support young people towards achieving their maximum potential and success.

ESS – TEAM brings a wealth of knowledge covering decades of activity and an extensive, growing, network of links and contacts who can be recruited to ensure the success of  any proposed programme.

Our highly skilled group of consultants has extensive expertise and experience in delivering a variety of projects to learners and has the ability to work flexibly to meet the needs of each specific student group.

Our network of associates is as unique and flexible as it is effective, bringing together a highly skilled group of passionate and talented professionals with “decades of expertise” and with remarkable success  in working with young people and their families in a variety of ways to enhance life skills and chances. The group includes:

  • Mentors
  • Life coaches
  • Motivational trainers
  • Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance experts
  • Qualified teachers, including those with a SEN and Disability area of expertise
  • Creative arts and performance specialist

Our experience is in the management and delivery of activities within the 11 – 19 sector; projects include but are not exclusively limited to:

Work Related Learning and Vocational Education

Curriculum Enhancement and Support (for students and Staff)

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Enterprise Events and Activities

Work Experience and Work Shadowing packages

Motivational and self-esteem raising activities

1:1 Careers Interviewing

Over the past 6 years we have managed and delivered over 25 Aim Higher events to over 3,000 young people across Walsall schools. These events have also involved over 300 guests from a wide range of employment and backgrounds.

We have had a two year involvement in the NEET TAP intervention programme which has involved over 1,000 young people in key stage 3 and post 16 projects.


We led a team of 10 people in the design and delivery of a borough wide cultural and intergenerational extravaganza named “One for All” using Lottery funding backed with monies secured from Wolverhampton Local Authority.

Other tasks have been developed and delivered for Wolverhampton University, Aim Higher Black Country, Wolverhampton LA, some industrial employers, each of Walsall schools, Birmingham University and The Learning and Skills Network at Regional and  National level.

Our consultants have had a long, close and fruitful relationship with Walsall schools and this ensures an integrated approach to supporting progression planning into all aspects of post 16 experience. This partnership working has proved to be very successful in the past.

Our programmes will develop self esteem, self worth and confidence. We will provide support and encouragement through the mentoring and coaching programme. Mentoring and coaching contacts will be built into the various phases. We will provide many opportunities to explore, confront and attempt to resolve issues facing each individual student.

We have the expertise to respond creatively to the needs of whole families to initially meet outcomes for young people.  We have the flexibility to visualise, create and deliver imaginative and inspirational packages of activity.

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Our wide range of past experiences has enabled us to realise that young people need to have three things – knowledge of how to do it [job skills] a belief that they can [confidence and self esteem] and a desire to go ahead and do it!

As adults, we have all three, but our role is to motivate today’s generation to have the determination to “Go ahead and Do It”!

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