Careers Offer

As the existing careers provision for young people is changing and it has now opened an exciting opportunity for schools to choose to engage with other experienced external organisations that can provide for their various careers needs.

ESS-TEAM can offer services of a flexible, niche team of experienced and inspiring freelance consultants who can effectively provide for and develop careers programmes to suit the school’s specific needs at an impressively competitive price.

Our experiences cover decades of expertise and a passion for Careers and work related education. This also includes consultants who have held positions of seniority within both schools and careers departments with responsibility for programme development as well as the design delivery and management of careers interviews, careers guidance and securing work experience placements for hundreds of young people

Our expertise also covers curriculum development, raising aspirations, motivation of young people, programme development and delivery as well as project management. In addition we have a growing network of talented associates and an enormous number of business contacts plus a wealth of knowledge in the vocational field. Very recently, we have recruited for and delivered a very effective mock interview programme for 270 year 10 students involving 38 vocationally linked external business people.

The wider team are also additionally skilled in careers leadership in schools, life coaching, mentoring, post sixteen, careers advice, HE, improving standards, delivery of study skills, support for the job search, senior management expertise and links with business to identify just a few aspects that might be of particular interest to you.

An exciting element of our offer to you is the ability of our outstanding and flexible team to respond to your own school’s individual needs and challenges, provide timely careers interviews for any student you would like to identify and follow this up by creating a series of vocationally linked days for students to learn more about their choices, raise their aspirations, meet the professionals and investigate further aspects of their chosen pathway.

The career interviews for years 10, 11 including 9 or +16 can all be concentrated over a few days, a week or spread across the year all to suit your own needs.

The vocational days would involve professionals and providers from each career area, enabling your young people to work and communicate with experienced adults and also explore and demonstrate vital employability skills. There would also be additional events organised for those who are unsure and have not yet formed their actual career plans.

We are certain that we can provide value for money through delivery of an exciting programme of careers activity including relevant experiences for students that would enrich and support the school’s overarching aims and objectives.

Each element is priced separately so you can buy in to as little or as much as you wish.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with us if you have any questions.